Las Vegas Japanese Culture Club                ラスベガス日本文化愛好会
Las Vegas Nihon Bunka Aiko Kai
P.O. Box 530125, Henderson, NV  89053-0125 

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Las Vegas Japanese Culture Club






August 2001

Version 2.0– March 18, 2017


      I.        Name:  The name of this organization shall be Las Vegas Japanese Culture Club (LVJCC), Las Vegas Nihon Bunka Aiko Kai.


    II.        Purpose and Objective:  LVJCC’s objective is to promote the appreciation of Japanese cultural convention and to foster harmonious personal inter-relationships of members and with associated cultural groups.


   III.        Membership:  Membership is open to all persons who agree with the LVJCC’s purpose and objectives.  A person may join LVJCC by introduction by a current group.  The fiscal year of LVJCC shall be from April 1st through March 31st.   An annual $15.00 membership fee will be assessed every fiscal year.  Annual dues shall be paid at the annual membership meeting in March, and no later than April 1st of the fiscal year.


Membership entitles a person to vote and participate in LVJCC activities.  Types of membership are:

    a. Karaoke singer
    b. Cultural dance "Odori" dancer
    c. Japanese musical instrument player
In order to participate in any LVJCC activity, each member must be current in dues and in good standing with regular class attendance.  All new members must pass a 90 day probationary period by the board of directors before they can participate in any LVJCC activity and/or receive any monetary offers from LVJCC.


  IV.        Officers:  Four Executive Officers; President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected by majority vote of members to serve for a two year term.  A term limit for each officer shall be four years.  If there are no new candidates, the incumbent may serve another term.


    V.        Representatives:  Two Representatives; Karaoke Representative and an Odori (cultural dance) Representative shall be part of the LVJCC Board of Directors.  The representatives shall be elected by the majority vote of members in their respective groups to serve for a two year term.  If there are no new candidates, the incumbent may serve another term.


  1. Management:  The Club shall be managed in a democratic manner by the elected officers who shall keep the members informed of the Club’s major activities.  This shall be done by calling the group leaders and keeping the lines of communication open to all members.  The Secretary shall record results of votes taken and decisions reached.  No arbitrary decisions will be made by one or two members.  Passage of a motion requires a simple majority (one more than half the members present).  A simple majority vote will be used for most voting procedures, however, a two-thirds vote by the membership will be used for specific motions that may affect certain rights of the membership.  Being a small Club with unreliable membership attendance, a meeting Quorum will be "made up of those who attend".

VII.        Finances:  The LVJCC shall maintain a non-interest bearing checking account.  All Club expenditures will be paid by the Treasurer.  Two signatures shall be required on all checks.  The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be on the bank’s signature card.  The LVJCC Board shall approve any expenditure in excess of $300 and any personal reimbursements in excess of $200.


VIII.        Executive Board Responsibilites:   The executive officers, Karaoke Representative, Odori Representative and the Club Advisor shall make up the Board of Directors. 


Presides over all LVJCC meetings

Fields questions/concerns from the LVJCC club leaders
Should be familiar with the current LVJCC Bylaws


Acts as President when the President is unavailable
Oversees membership.  Provides membership forms to Club Leaders.
Provides membership listings to Board of Directors and Club Leaders.


Maintains the official Minutes of all LVJCC meetings
Works closely with Vice President and Club Leaders to ensure that accurate membership records are maintained 
Acts as President when the President and Vice-President is unavailable


Maintains all financial aspects of LVJCC activities
Provides financial reports that includes an itemized list of all expenses and income at the annual membership meeting


Attend all Board of Directors meetings
Works closely with respective Club Leaders
    1.    Represent their views/opinions/concerns at all Board of Directors meeting
    2.    Keep club leaders informed
Chair/Co-Chair the annual recital(s)
Schedule meetings as necessary

Club Advisor

Serve on the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity
Advise the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to past experiences of the Club
Work closely with the Board of Directors on fund raising/program activities
Maintain a historical record of LVJCC

  1. Board of Directors – General:  It is impossible for the LVJCC Bylaws to contain stipulations for every situation. Answers to some questions and concerns will rely on tradition, common sense, good judgment and practicality in upholding and furthering the goals and objectives of the Club. Therefore, incidents that arise over issues not covered in the LVJCC Bylaws should be brought to the Board for determination and decision, as should matters of Bylaws interpretations.  In addition, the Board of Directors shall publish event-specific or topic-specific guidelines/stipulations to supplement the LVJCC Bylaws and to ensure the continued integrity of the organization.                                                                                                                                      
  2. Parliamentary Authority:  Shall be current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order (newly revised) except where rules conflict with the law, bylaws or other rules of the club.                 
  3. Dissolution:  On dissolution, must give previous notice and a two-thirds vote by the membership is required to dissolve.  All outstanding bills will be paid and remaining funds donated to groups agreed upon by the membership.
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